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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Another Ode to Swift’s Ex

red-taylor-swiftI just have to get this out of the way — it must suck to be Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend.

Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is another ode to one of her ex. Darn it, men should really think twice before taking that girl out.

The popularity of song comes from the people’s curiosity as to whom she’s referring to this time [it’s about Jake Gyllenhaal]. The country crooner /pop princess inserts ramblings to the song that makes you think she’s reading her diary.  Still the tune is quite catchy if not fresh.

Surprisingly, Swift veered away from her standard country beat. There’s a little bit more R&B. There’s a little bit more attempt to do some vocal play and the guitar rifts are more playful. It’s probably a sign that Swift is starting to mature musically. However, she maintains the same tween crowd leanings. She’s still having too much fun having her heart broken and writing songs about it.

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