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Three Days Grace – Chalk Outline

Chalk Outline is the lead-in single to Canadian rockers Three Days Grace’s fourth studio album, Transit of Venus. It was released last August, 2012, but fans have already heard parts of it prior to the release, due to the band themselves leaking several snippets in order to tease the fans of the upcoming release.

Chalk Outline continues Three Days Grace M.O. of writing heavy, fist pumping alternative rock songs that have equally angst-ridden and aggressive lyrics. This time around, Chalk Outline focuses on the story of a man who has become a shell of his former self after a relationship that has gone sour. It’s what Yesterday would have turned out if Paul McCartney had access to a distortion pedal and was bombarded by gamma rays.

Even if you find the song’s lyrics and message a bit too grating, Chalk Outline is still an excellent showcase for lead vocalist Adam Gontier’s powerful voice, as it continues to drive the track with the raspy, catchy melody framed by guitarist Barry Stock’s heavy riff, while drummer Neil Sanderson does his best to give the song that much needed oomph with his thundering beats.

In a way, Chalk Outline is the same old Three Days Grace belting out the same angsty heavy alt rock, but that’s not exactly a bad thing, considering how consistently good they’ve been in the past. The song is still better than 90% of what passes for rock music these days, provided that you’re not turned off by angsty, somewhat juvenile song lyrics.

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