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Tegan and Sara – Closer

tegan and sara closerWhile Canadian musical twins Tegan and Sara have never really shied away from experimenting with their song’s textures, the single “Closer” may be a little bit surprising to fans, with its unabashed, synth-based bubblegum pop anthem stylings. The song still features the sisters’ trademark catchy melodies and snappy harmonies, but now they’re sharing sonic space with various synth bells, whistles, flangers, and phasers that bring to mind late 80s dance music.

The video for Closer is a throwback to the 80s, showing the sisters singing karaoke (with Sara singing like a teen who’s been drinking way too many Red Bulls), interspersed with footage of a group of friends partying via different means – from dancing and singing, to spin the bottle, to simply bouncing around on a trampoline.

While Closer, due to its club-friendly danceable tune and lyrics that lend itself well to physical intimacy, is considered by many fans as a good song to make out to, Tegan Quin herself clarified that it was actually written as a reminder of a time when sex, complicated relationships, drama, and heartbreak are not yet part of her life, in a more innocent time when getting closer meant linking arms and walking down the school hallway.

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