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Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years is the second single from the movie soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Of course, as the film’s following installment rolls around, A Thousand Years is re-recorded and released with the new installment’s movie soundtrack as well.

A Thousand Years is a song by the melancholic Christina Perri. The talented Perri sang the song this time with actor and singer Steve Kazee. Perri, a talented yet underrated singer has this distinct soothing voice that seems sad at times despite the optimistic theme of the lyrics. She delivers a pacifying pop song that seems to lull you to sleep. Not to say that the song is boring, in fact, A Thousand Years has an interesting poetry that sticks with you like bubble gum. It starts of as a sappy and romantic ode to long awaited love, similar to lines you’re get from a cheesy guy despite the very feminine voice. But then again, this should be expected considering this single is part of the cheesiest movie this decade.

However, as other critics say, give it chance and somewhere in the middle of the melody, you will definitely find the song’s redeeming parts.  At some point, you find yourself hypnotized by Perri’s lulling voice and paired with classical piano and string instruments; it will give you a sense of being cultured and refined.  A Thousand Years may not force you to love the vampire movie, but at least for a time, you will want to believe in soul mates.