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Oasis – Wonderwall

British pop-rockers Oasis were already enjoying a small amount of fame in their homeland back in the early 90s, thanks in part to their debut album Definitely Maybe and their public feuds with other bands and each other, but they were pretty much unknowns in North America and other parts of the world.

It was only when they released their second album, (What’s The Story), Morning Glory and it’s single Wonderwall, that the Manchester-based quintet found themselves part of a veritable movement that led to the next British invasion, along with other UK bands such as the aforementioned Blur and Suede. Oasis soon saw themselves reaching the top of the charts, not just in the US, but even in South East Asian countries such as the Philippines and Japan, with audiences automatically taking a liking to their Beatlesque melodies, coupled with the thuggish and rough hewn image of the Rolling Stones.

Wonderwall is actually not representative of Oasis’ crash cymbals and guitar-driven rock, opting instead for an acoustic ensemble with a moderate dance groove, with the entire song riding on Liam Gallagher’s distinctive voice.

As for the song’s message, Noel Gallagher originally claimed to have written the song for her then-girlfriend, Meg Matthews, but half a decade later, after their divorce, Gallagher started claiming in interviews that the song is about an imaginary friend who’s “gonna come and save you from yourself.”