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Ke$ha – Die Young

Gliterry popstar Ke$ha and her songs have always been a love it or hate it affair, with no room for middle ground. She seems to have gained more stock in the industry since her ‘Tik Tok’ days, but being a divisive act still rings true with her latest single, Die Young.

Further proof of her being a divisive subject is the fact that the critics who loved and hated ‘Die Young’ did so due to the same things. For instance, Rolling Stone magazine praised Ke$ha’s return, stating that it’s the same Ke$ha we know and love. Spin magazine, on the other hand, was disappointed for the same reason – that Die Young is the same Ke$ha from her previous efforts, that there was no major departure from the ravey pop template with gum-smacking raps and vocal acrobatics that catapulted her to the top of the charts.

At the end of the day, whether you’ll like Ke$ha’s Die Young or not depends on how much you liked Ke$ha’s previous hits, as well as your expectations of her. It’s still the same Ke$ha you know from Tik Tok. While there’s been an improvement – the autotune is no longer noticeable, for starters – you’ll be disappointed if you want a complete reinvention and a departure from the party-oriented dance pop that made Ke$ha famous.