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Taylor Swift – State Of Grace

Finally a song from Taylor Swift that doesn’t bash an ex. Let’s all take a moment of silence to appreciate this. It has been awhile.

State of Grace is Swift’s fifth single from her album “Red”, and thankfully, this song is all about the beginnings of love. The lyrics are very optimistic and reflect her mood at the moment being in a relationship with America’s young prince. One can’t help but empathize and be as hopeful as she is with her new love. Although there are some parts where her past experiences still pop up like we learn to live with the pain, mostly of broken hearts, the overall attitude of the ballad is light and fresh.

The song has a cheerful, upbeat tune that perfectly complements the lyrics and the emotion it behind it. You are reminded how young Swift actually is no matter how many exes she wrote about. This delightful song is saccharinely sweet and yet has successfully avoided being too cheesy. This well-written song is just so lovely that it makes you look at this young woman and secretly hope she doesn’t end up writing another angst-ridden, ex-bashing song again. Or Ever. Let’s all pray that our pop princess gets her fairytale ending.