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Gangnam Style by PSY

Fast becoming the Macarena of our generation, South Korean Singer, Rapper and Entertainer PSY’s Gangnam Style has taken several nations by storm, with an outrageously silly video with an equally silly dance move that requires the dancer to look like he’s riding and rustling a horse.

The video for Gangnam Style is easily the biggest reason why it became such a hit even with people who don’t understand the lyrics at all, featuring themes and messages that poke fun at the ridiculously luxurious lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district, which is an affluent and trendy area of Seoul. According to PSY (born Park Jae-Sang), Gangnam Style’s lyrics concerns the perfect girlfriend who knows when to “practice composure, and when to go wild”, with the song’s hook “Oppan Gangnam Style” being translated as “Big Brother is Gangnam Style.” The video also features another K-pop superstar, 4Minute’s Hyuna as PSY’s love dancing interest.

Even if you discount the stupidity and the ridiculous premise of the song’s lyrics (which is intentional, as the Boston University and Berkley College of Music graduate PSY admits), Gangnam Style stands on its own as the song is extremely easy to dance to, while the catchy hooks make it easy to memorize and sing without the need to understand the words.