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Olly Murs – Troublemaker

Troublemaker is singer, song writer and X-Factor alumni Olly Mur’s newest single.  The track is Englishman Mur’s first single from his third album Right Place Right Time. Released on November 18, 2012, the song skyrocketed up the ranks making it to #1 of the UK iTunes Top 20 list during its first week alone.

Troublemaker’s music video gave the song a huge following even before the track was even released. The clever video shows Murs’ character coming across a woman who consistently ends up being fired from her jobs because of her attitude and clumsiness. Despite  Mur’s overall style and the theme of the song are both reminiscent of Maroon 5’s more popular tracks, the talented singer is successful in making this familiar song all his own.

Olly Murs collaborated with the same team who produced his first two hit songs – Claude Kelly and Steve Robson. Judging by the song’s early success, the collaboration proves to be very providential for Murs. The song also features talented artist FloRida and further upped the pop edge of Troublemaker.

Troublemaker gives the listener a hint of what to expect in Olly Mur’s upcoming alum Right Place Right Time. Judging by the upbeat tempo and easy to memorize lyrics, the fun track has what it takes to stay on top of the chart. Another huge advantage is that: the well put together song is certainly not painful to listen to over and over again, making Troublemaker a perfect track for your playlist.

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Little Mix – DNA

DNA is the sophomore single from British Pop group Little Mix freshman album called DNA. The song’s video debuted on the first day of October this year, and the song was officially released on the 11th of November.

DNA boasts of sci-fi themes mixed with love’s chemical reactions prove to be an intriguing and captivating melody. To be able to listen to a pop song infused with scientific terms is quite a delight to say the least. With the nerds rising in power nowadays, going the sci-fi route is a smart move on the group’s part.

To say that the song is on its way up the charts is an understatement. Just after a few days, DNA has found itself near the top of the charts. Last year’s winner of X-Factor seem to be taking their fate into their own hands with the single DNA, showing that the group deserved the win. The song and the video showcase that group’s talent and charm that announces to the world that they indeed, belong in the spotlight. The judges must have been extremely proud when they performed DNA at X-Factor show on November 11, 2012.

If DNA is a hint of what to expect from the Little Mix, then it’s safe to say that people are in for a treat.