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Everybody Talks Like Neon Trees

The music industry is brutal. Any new artist trying to get in better be prepared for the beating of his life. So when an artist manages to hang around for some time, it gives you the confidence that you do have something to offer for the world to pay attention to you.

That’s what changed with Neon Trees. They have in their some amount of success in their back pockets and lots of battle wounds to prove how tough they are.

Everybody Talks, from the album Picture Show, begins like an old song.  Neon Trees gives a familiar beat, a familiar voice as the song is highly influenced by early 60’s pop. It could strike as unoriginal however with Neon Trees unmistakable identity, it ends up a fun song that you can listen to over and over again. The bands performance greatly improved for their second album, as the lead singer Tyler Glenn himself admit, this is due to the band relaxing and being more confident. Another unique thing about Everybody Talks, is that despite its similarity to the pop tunes of the 60’s, the music is in fact all encompassing, that no one could say if it’s rock, pop or dance. It’s just a fun song that could very well end up as someone’s delightful last song syndrome.