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One Direction – Live While We’re Young

Now here’s a song that’s clearly aimed for the young ones, it even says so in the title. One Direction is making a name for themselves with catchy tunes and youthful lyrics. For a new group, they have a clear idea of what they are all about and they are not going to be pretentious about it.

The song begins with familiar guitar strumming that reminds of the fun 90’s music that hooks in listeners. It is not a coincidence as they applied the same formula with their first single “What Makes You Beautiful” and that was utterly successful.

The lyrics reflect the persona that One Direction has comfortably slipped into – that of juvenile delinquents who care for nothing but enjoying life. The song has a feel good, fun and carefree theme that one can’t help but to wish you were back to their age without the weird hair and jeans.

It helps that this kids all look clean cut that even if they’re singing about going crazy, it never occurs to you that what they’re suggesting is “getting some” means getting some. So whether you’re a tween or forty-something parent, you can’t help but sing and shout along with the song. “Tonight let’s get some… and live while we’re young!