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‘One More Night’ Is One More Catchy Pop Song from Maroon 5


Nope, this one’s not gonna make you groove like Jagger. It will also most likely not make you groove like any of their past songs.

I’m not saying it’s bad. It is, after all, a Maroon 5 song.

One More Night  from Maroon 5 is another affirmation of the band embracing their Pop image. The dark lyrics are delightfully balanced by the groove-worthy song. The beat of the song is a bit ska – ish with a hint of Rihanna type of swag. It a far cry from alternative rock with a play to nursery rhymes. The mix a diverse but somehow like any Maroon 5 song, it just works. As usual the haunting lyrics and the memorable tune stays with you days after you listen to it.

Adam Levine boasted that this album contains songs that are more diverse and more mature than the songs in ‘Hands All Over’. I don’t think so. One More Night is catchy and downright pop but it sounds no better than their previous releases. It has their standard simple rifts, simple drum beats, and simple bass sound. It is very Maroon 5, simple, familiar, and, well, pop.