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Christina Aguillera – Your Body

Christina Aguilera has let herself go these past few years, looking exactly like a woman should in her age, as she now looks more like the bottle than the genie it contains. While fellow Mickey Mouse Club veteran Britney Spears went through the same phase, Christina seemed to have reacted better (reacted properly, actually) to the changes age and motherhood brought with it, being able to rebound and resume her music career without any trace of scandal or need for rehabilitation.

Far be it for us to judge the two women’s respective characters, but if we can guess the reason: it’s because Christina was the more talented of the two, and did not rely exclusively on her looks in order to sell records. In fact, while Spears was struggling to get back in shape for her comeback, Christina was busy churning out hit after hits. The latest being  “Your Body”, off her upcoming 7th studio album ‘Lotus’.

Composed by Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, and Shellback, Your Body is a contemporary R&B song using a mid-tempo that also draws from electronica and dubstep during the song’s middle eight. It starts a bit muted while slowly building up for an explosive chorus, before leveling a bit into a bummer bumper during the rest of the song.

A leaked, unfinished version of the song already made it online, and it was received positively by fans and critics. The full, polished version is even better, and will work well for your late night fist pumping dance sessions.