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Christina Aguilera feat. Blake Shelton – Just a Fool

Christina Aguilera takes advantage of the show The Voice’s connection with her new single Just a Fool. The second track from her seventh album Lotus, shows Aguilera dabbing into country pop and singing a duet with her co-judge, country crooner Blake Shelton. The song which was initially scheduled to be performed on the hit reality show The Voice featuring the two judges in December. However this performance was pushed earlier and debuted on the show last November 20, 2012.

Just a Fool was written by the trio Steve Hobson, Claude Kelly and Wayne Hector. The melody is clearly country and Xtina’s duet with Blake Shelton is like a match made in country pop heaven. The emotional track showcased Aguilera’s powerful and forceful voice perfectly complementing Shelton’s cool and effortless singing. Each of them acknowledging each other’s part in the melody and effectively showing restraint in trying to outshine the other.

Now, due to its successful TV debut, Just a Fool not just popped into the Hot 100 list, it has skyrocketed to the iTunes Top 20 songs in less than 48 hours. If this keeps up, Lotus’ second single may very well reach the top before Christmas. Looks like Xtina may have actually been good enough to land in Santa’s nice list this year.