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Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

Heartfelt and down-to-earth, If I Ain’t Got You is Alicia Keys second single from her sophomore album The Diary of Alicia Keys. Inspired by the tragic death of R&B Princess Aaliyah, Keys sings out her message of what really matters. She masterfully belts out the words perfectly accompanied by her piano. The result is a soulful almost desperate melody that conveys what she thinks life is about at the end of the day.

Grief-stricken Keys managed to create a beautifully written song which gives young audiences a lesson normally taken for granted. In the glamorous world of R&B, she stands out not only because of her incredible musical talent but also by her good intentions.

If I Ain’t Got You received positive reviews, after being released in 2004, it climbed the musical charts making it to #1 in the US R&B/Hip Hop Songs and #4 in the Billboard Hot 100.

The track has also endured through the years because it pushes the singer’s vocal prowess making it a favorite for cover performances in music talent shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent and the UK’s The X Factor. Still, after all these years, no one performs the song better than Alicia Keys.