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Green Day – Oh Love

Originally played at a ‘secret show’ by Green day last October 28, 2011, the song Oh Love eventually became part of the band’s ninth studio album ¡Uno!, which was released last July 16, 2012 via Reprise Records, with an EP of the song being released a month later.

Oh Love is notable as it brings back certain sonic elements from Green Day’s early roots as a pop punk band, with some parts of the song sounding like it could have come from their debut album Dookie. Over all, the song seems to be a blending of the various styles that Green Day has adopted throughout their 3 decade career as it mixes their early pop punk style with their more recent power pop songs, along with the heavy alternative rock that they exhibited during the mid 90s.

Critical reception of the song is a bit mixed, with some critics praising it for its tone and polished musical style, with some welcoming Green Day’s return to their early sonic roots. Those who panned Oh Love complained of the song being average compared to Green Day’s previous releases. Both sides don’t really cancel each other out, so whether you’ll like Oh Love or not depends on how much you miss Green Day’s early sound. If you welcome the nostalgia, you’re going to love –er- Oh Love, but if you expected a forward progression in the band’s sound, you’ll probably be underwhelmed.