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Girls Aloud – Something New

Great news! English-Irish girl group Girls Aloud is back, albeit temporarily. After going their separate ways in 2009 to pursue individual careers, the sophisticated group comes together with their producer Xenomania and Something New is their newest single from their second greatest hits compilation 10.

Something New is reminiscent of their past dance hits, however seeing the women back together after what felt like an eternity, gives the song as fresher take. Although the formula is the same, the song successfully recaptured Girls Aloud fans. Debuted on Capital FM on October 16, 2012, Something New was officially released more than a month later. Within a month, the fans were given the opportunity to download the track before it was even released that by the time Something New was officially released, it has found itself sitting comfortably on the #2 in the UK iTunes Top 20 song list.

Majority of the critics warmly welcomed the group saying Something New was fresh and familiar at the same time. This is a good thing for the group seeing that they need to refresh people’s memory of them. However, other critics frowned upon the unusual lyric and music structure that Something New has. \\. On the other hand, the dance melody does feature scattered voices trying but failing to blend smoothly. At some point you realize you are listening to screaming instead of singing. Nevertheless, listening to the feminine powered track makes you want to cheer on the powerful women.

No matter what happens, Girls Aloud should be thankful to their forgiving fans. If only they forget parting ways again and just stick around for a while they could make another great album.