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Cher Lloyd Wants U Back

Now we know…. if you want your ex to take you back, make it sound like it is fun to take you back. All these depressing tunes and lyrics about missing someone isn’t doing the job anymore. So, go crazy and make him feel he’s missing out on one hell of a ride by not taking you back.

This is what I learned from Cher Lloyd.

Lloyd’s Want U Back, from the album Stick & Stones, may actually be what Taylor Swift wanted to sing but was too proud to. The fun and upbeat tune is the perfect counter balance against the bitter rants. The beat is fast, energetic and with a 1990’s Alanis Morisette-like angst. Lloyd’s voice is consistent the entire song. It’s jealous, emotional yet confident and fun. The male point of view delivered by a kid makes it even more charming. All in all, the song has a You Oughta Know air albeit a more common and haughty version. Pretty straightforward language, it’s perfect for the juvenile audience I guess it’s meant for.