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Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven

Locked Out of Heaven is the lead single from Bruno Mars’ upcoming sophomore album titled Unorthodox Jukebox, which is slated for a December 11 release. The song was first launched by the crooner in his Google+ Hangout last October 1, with fans from around the world listening in via the Internet (Mars’ seems to be part of the new breed of artists who know how to take advantage of social media in order to develop more intimate bonds with fans.)

Locked Out of Heaven shows that Bruno Mars has not strayed away from the things that made him such a success with female listeners – it still features his smooth, melodic vocals that don’t rely on fancy studio magic to stay in tune, and lyrics that describe a wide range of emotions involved with falling in love.

As for the song, Mars has opted for a different, 80s-like aura. In fact, a lot of listeners have compared Locked Out of Heaven to a Sting, or Outfield song. The music video for the song further underscores the 80s vibe, as it features a slightly stylistic yet vintage style similar to a VHS tape, with Mars singing the song with his band, interspersed with shots of him having a good time with his friends.