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Alex Clare is Too Close

I hate emotional songs. I hate ballads. I hate their emotional profession of love and pain and all these confusing emotions that make you want to face punch every creature in the world.

This hatred, however, is brought about by one thing… I’m freakin’ crybaby.

It seems, London’s Alex Clare has done it again. He performs Too Close, from the album Lateness of the Hour, with so much soul you can’t help but ache with him. His music is a cross between pop, alternative rock, soul and jazz. The song and the voice reminds of troubled Maroon 5 songs without the dance beat, unless you prefer slow dance. The chill out tune and Clare’s emotional voice sucks you in. By the time you finish the song, you find that you have been holding your breath. As you finally sigh, you feel a depressed and aching for a strong drink. It’s a moving song, with the music successfully supporting the sorrowful lyrics and Clare’s impressive voice.