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Adele – Rumour Has It

Aside from Adele’s massive hit Rolling in the Deep, she considers Rumour Has It as one of the two angriest tracks from her album. And although the song was only released in March 2012 as the last single from her sophomore album 21, it was already hitting the top of the charts months before.

Rumour Has It is a collaboration of Adele and song writer/producer Ryan Tedder. Together with Tedder’s penchant for lively percussion tracks and Adele’s signature bluesy voice, this very personal message resulted in an incredibly catchy sound reminiscent of girl bands of the 60’s. Listening to it makes you expect to see talented beehive haired women our parents used to listen to.

Listening to the song makes you feel like you’re in a rollercoaster where one minute you’re engrossed with Adele’s raspy voice the next you feel you heart drop and beat with the drums as she goes on the chorus.

The critics’ receptions were generally positive and although there were some who found the song too creepy or dark, both sides found Adele’s classy rant about her friends believing in rumours incredibly intriguing. Topping the charts even before it was formally released is a good enough proof that majority of the listeners certainly did not mind listening to Adele rant.

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Adele – Skyfall

Remember the apprehension people had with Celine Dion singing for Titanic but then it turned out to be so successful it even helped with the overall staying power of the movie? The same cannot be the same with Adele’s Skyfall for the latest Bond film.

The music stays true to the classic John Barry tune, and though it may sound good in the movie, Adele’s restrained voice and the mediocre lyrics keeps it from becoming great. At some point, it becomes boring and a little too hypnotic.

Not going as far as to say the song is awful which it’s not. It could’ve been great with Adele’s powerful jazzy voice if she was given enough freedom to do so. But then again, this is a Bond theme, and with it comes restrictions and standards to make sure that it doesn’t overshadow the film.

Don’t even get me started on the lyrics. It’s a theme for a Bond film after all. So it’s not surprising that it doesn’t make sense and can claim to be cryptic. One thing’s for sure, throughout the entire song, you will not be forgetting what movie it is for as the title “skyfall” is repeated 15 times – Fact.

Just make sure you listen to Skyfall with curvy shadows of women moving about and you’ll be fine.