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‘Some Nights’ is Right Out of The 80s

fun-some-nights-abum-coverPicture this. You’re a hard rockin’ punk kid that was forced to go in an LA bar where you know the Jersey Shore guys hang out. You’re pissed and are seriously looking to start a fist fight. Then a band starts playing, everyone stands up, groovin’, shakin’ to this darn pop song.

You look at everyone and starts realizing that you are starting to bob your head and shake your booty.

Yup! That’s what ‘Some Nights’ is all about – good ‘ol fashion dancin’ and singin’.

Fun’s “Some Nights” is reminiscent of the grand 80’s perfectly blended voices and ostentatious bands backed up by full orchestras. You find your heart beating along with the tune that sounds almost exactly like African music. The lyrics are calling out to the youth and asking the existentialist questions that defined quarter life angst for generations. Although there is a part wherein the lead singer pulls out falsetto out of nowhere, and you wonder what it’s for, you easily move past it with the powerful beat.  The song is inspiring albeit old fashioned, which maybe a good thing or a bad thing.

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