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Pink – Just Give Me a Reason

If you’re wondering why Pink (P!nk, as it is spelled on her logo) managed to outlast several of her peers despite going for a less feminine, boyish image, all you need to do is listen to her latest single, Just Give Me a Reason, and you’ll realize that while the Spears and the Simpsons of her time may look more commercially appealing (to men, at least), P!nk can deliver where it matters: talent and skill.

One of the notable things about Pink that Just Give Me a Reason manages to show is the fact that even though she has a throathy, rough-hewn voice, she has complete mastery over her range and knows exactly how to apply her voice in order to give justice to any melody. Whether it’s a dance song, a rock song, or a slow groove like Just Give Me a Reason, Pink never sounds weak.

Just Give Me a Reason, which features fun. frontman Nate Ruess, showcases Pink’s voice in all its husky, gritty glory. It serves as P!NK’s reminder to listeners that she’s still around and kicking, and she doesn’t rely on cheap publicity stunts – if she wants your attention, she gets it by releasing a beautiful song.

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