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Linkin Park – Lost in the Echo

Linkin_Park_-_Living_ThingsLost in the Echo is one of the singles from American rock band Linkin Park’s fifth studio album, Living Things. It marks the return of the sextet after a few years of laying low. The track is also the band’s first attempt at taking advantage of social media, by releasing an interactive music video.

Lost in the Echo’s interactive music video takes advantage of a user’s facebook account in order to pull pictures from the user’s gallery, which are then made part of a pre-shot video footate, featuring a mysterious man carrying a briefcase full of photos (which contains the sourced pictures), which he then hands out to various people who cry over the pictures then turn to dust.

As for the music itself, Lost in Echo shows what seems to be a little forward progression in the band’s musical stylings. It’s still their trademark alternative rock with slow sections punctuated by crunching bridges and hard guitar-driven choruses, and Chester Bennington’s crooning still melds well with Shinoda’s simple rapping. What’s different is that the song is now less formulaic than their previous efforts (which used to be simple ballads riding on a descending chord progression), and they have abandoned the passe symphonic organ and orchestra in favor of synthesizers that bring to mind dubstep acts like Skrillex, resulting in slightly more refreshing Linkin Park song.

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