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Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son

Carry on Wayward Son was originally written and recorded by progressive rock band Kansas for their 1976 album Leftoverture, managing to reach the top 11 of the Billboard pop singles chart, and giving the band their first top 40 hit.

Carry on Wayward Son has already been certified Gold by the RIAA, but the single they certified is actually a shorter version, clocking in at a mere 3:26 compared to the album version’s hefty 5:26. Arguably their most famous song, Carry on Wayward Son is featured on every single official Kansas compilation album, such as The Kansas Boxed Set, and The Best of Kansas, On the Other Side, The Ultimate Kansas, Sail On: The 30th Anniversary Collection.

Similar to most of the rock hits from the 70s, Carry on Wayward Son sort of cruised the charts for a while – never climbing to the top, but never fading out completely – but it recently experienced a resurgence after being featured on the hit rhythm-based videogames Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Afterwards, it experienced another major resurgence when the videogames were featured in the hit animated comedy series, South Park, with the characters playing Carry on Wayward Son’s recognizable riff and bridge, with varying degrees of skill and success.

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