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Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

Jason Mraz welcomes the 2012 with a new song. He gives us a more subdued version of himself with his new album Love is a Four Letter Word.

I Won’t Give Up is a calming piece that retains beautiful poetry that Mraz is known for. It depicts a quiet determination that applies to his stance on relationship. You can feel his desperation and his sadness to make his relationship work. You can sense his sincerity as it was said that this song was inspired by his relationship with his ex-fiancé.  Its heart wrenching but optimistic approach makes you think that this might be his follow up on his previous song Lucky, like he is singing it to the same person.

I Won’t Give Up debuted at #8 in the Billboard Hot 100 but quickly worked its way up to way to the top. The Hot Digital Song Charts is a different matter, with the song hitting the top spot almost immediately.

The serious and downcast mood of this song maybe a surprising change for his fans but personally, I applaud him for offering a different album this time. And although his previous albums were superb, this new song from his new album confirms his humanity. His talent still is apparent, and his messages behind his songs are well-delivered. Fans should be honored to be given such honesty.

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