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Home by Philip Philips

Even if you hate American Idol, you have to admit this boy has the right to sing those blues because he simply has it… that thing that makes you want to hate him… that voice that could make the nursery rhyme sound like a classical masterpiece and the attitude that could the Chicago Boys’ Choir look like thugs from Bronx.

Darn it. He totally destroys it for all the dudes out there.

Yup, that’s Philip Phillips for you.

When he sang Home it cemented his American Idol status. The song was charming with the marching band yes, what truly made the song shine is the voice and smile behind it. Phillips voice was compared to Dave Matthews all throughout the show. This song proves he’s not just a wannabe. The song manages to leave the listener breathless and emotional. The marching band, the humming singers in the background, the optimistic lyrics, Phillip Phillips voice and his wonderful strumming makes Home unique and very personal. Now even when you hear it on the radio, you feel like Phil Phillips is singing it to you. Just you.


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