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Chris Brown’s Don’t Wake Me Up

It’s a shame that Chris Brown is more famous for being a jerk to women and for picking fights with other artists, because it detracts from the fact that former Mr. Rihanna is a talented artist who can churn out radio-friendly dance, pop and R&B hits that will reach the top of the charts even without the negative publicity he gets (and deserves).  This is further proven by Don’t Wake Me Up, which was taken from his fifth studio album, Fortune.

That’s not to say that you’ll get a technically-proficient masterpiece with Don’t Wake Me Up. It’s a dance song that relies heavily on a thumping bassline, a repetitive chorus, and yes – autotune. But it delivers. As far as dance and pop songs go, Don’t Wake Me Up is as catchy and danceable as it gets, with Chris Brown’s uncharacteristically high pitched vocals serving as a great vehicle for an infectious song about a long lost loved one, who may or may not exist only in the singer’s dreams.

Chris Brown’s Don’t Wake Me Up received generally positive reviews from music critics, and has achieved a lot of playtime all over the world, even managing to climb to the Billboard top ten of countries such as Australia, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, and the UK.

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