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New iTunes Top 100 Albums Section

iTunes Top 100 Albums section has now gone live. For all music lovers who want to track which albums are hot sellers in each country, just use the Albums dropdown at the top of each page.

It was a quick and easy feature to add since most of the heavy lifting of templating and data processing has been done last week when the audiobooks section was added.

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New iTunes Top 100 Audiobooks Section Now Live!

A new section – audiobooks – has just been added to hotmusiccharts!

Audiobooks are great to have especially if you sometimes would rather want to listen to a material rather than reading it. Most of us drive to work everyday and spend so much time in between commutes, and listening or learning from an audiobook is definitely a great way of using those times.
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Amazon MP3 Top 100 Songs

amazon mp3 songs player logo

You can now see what are the top 100 best selling songs on Amazon MP3 with Hot Music Charts.

For those who might not be aware, Amazon MP3 is a major competitor to Apple’s iTunes Music. Currently offering more than 20 million songs, Amazon MP3s are playable on your Kindle Fire, Android device, PC, Mac, or iPad with Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player.

Check out these Amazon MP3 music charts and tell us what you think.

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September 2012 Changelog

We got a couple of things going in September and here are some of them:

1. We have a wordpress blog up and running.

2. Published the hot music charts chrome extension.

3. Redesign the website with twitter bootstrap. Site navigation should be a bit clearer and cleaner now.

4. Once an audio preview is activated, songs will keep playing one after another. Now that’s a playlist of all popular songs at your fingertip.

Let us know which feature you like most and don’t forget to help us spread the word.