Harmonium was the eponymous debut album by Québécois band Harmonium released in 1974. It was their most folk driven album, and features the song that made them famous "Pour un instant". It features nowhere near as exotic instrumentation as on their later albums, mostly sticking to simple guitar and bass arrangements, with occurrences of drums on a few songs. Track listing Side one "Harmonium" (Serge Fiori, Michel Normandeau) – 6:36 "Si doucement" (Fiori) – 4:25 "Aujourd'hui, je dis bonjour à la vie" (Fiori) – 5:44 "Vieilles courroies" (Fiori, Normandeau) – 5:47 "100,000 raisons" (Fiori, Normandeau) – 3:42 (Not on the .

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